The Ill Effects of Tongue's Misuse

According to the Hadith narrated by Sayyiduna Anas one day The Rasul of mankind, the peace of our heart and mind, the most generous and kind ordered his Companions to fast and then said: "None of you is to do iftar until I permit you." So the people fasted. In the evening, the Companions came individually to the Blessed Rasul and said, "Ya Rasul Allah fasted today, please give me permission to do iftar," Beloved Rasul would allow them to do iftar. One of the Companions came and said: "Ya Rasul-Allah! In my house, there are two girls who also fasted today, they feel shyness in coming here, please allow them to do iftar."

The Beloved Rasul of Allah, Knower of the Unseen, the Faultless turned his face away from him; he asked for the second time, but the blessed Rasul turned his head away from him again; when he asked for third time Makki Madani Mustafa said giving the news of Ghaib (unseen): "Those two girls have not fasted, how (can they say) they fasted? They have been eating the flesh of people all day long, go and tell them to vomit, if they have fasted."

The Companion went home and told them what Beloved Rasul said; when they vomited, blood and pieces of flesh came out of their mouths. The Companion returned to the merciful Rasul and told him about the girls' condition. He said: I swear by the One in whose omnipotence my life is, if it had remained in their stomachs, fire would eat them. (Because they both backbited others) (At'targheeb Wat'tarheeb, V3, P328, Hadith 15)

According to another Hadith: when Our Beloved Rasul turned his face away from the Companion came in front of Beloved Rasul and said; "Ya Rasul Allah they both have died" or "they are about to die." Beloved Rasul commanded him to bring the two girls to him. When they came he had a pot brought and ordered one of them to vomit in it; she vomited until the pot filled with blood and pieces of flesh. He then ordered the other one to vomit; she also vomited as much. The Beloved Rasul of Allah said: "They fasted from the things that Allah declared Halal (eating, drinking, etc.) but broke their fast with the things that Allah declared Haram. One (of them) sat down with the other and both of them began to eat the flesh of people (means they started backbiting)." (At'targheeb Wat'tarheeb, V2, P95, Hadith 8)

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